Sustainability is in your hands


The housing market continues to be a challenge. Working families, lower income individuals and seniors are all struggling to find solutions.

The rise in housing expenses, along with a growing desire to live in compact, movable dwellings, has boosted demand for tiny homes, particularly those on wheels. We are working with key partners in Cabarrus County to  create positive solutions.


The average American has 200 toxic chemicals within their body! Today's homes are created with hazardous building materials that directly compromise our health and wellness through common materials like insulation, flooring & furniture. We work strategically with designers to build your home as safe and eco-friendly as possible.


The last couple of years has shown us the importance of connection. As anxiety and depression are continually problematic. The need for community and inclusivity is increasingly vital. Our pocket communities are purposely designed for friendly neighborly engagement. We want everyone to feel included and welcomed. A good mix of personal space and shared spots.

The Who & What


Kim DeLaney is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of HaZi Enterprises Inc. Our mission is to enhance people's lives while building community. We are creating a path for equality and equity within the housing market by developing pocket communities of tiny homes. By collaborating with local leaders and green companies, the vision is to develop an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

The Brands

HaZi services the whole person. We look at business with a holistic lens to solving human issues. We have two brands under the HaZi umbrella. My Green House, LLC was established in 2017 to bring alternative plant based medicine safely into the community. In 2019, we partnered with Carolina farmers to produce hemp industry events. And in 2022, our non-profit 501 (c)(3) Tiny House Big Movement was formed to meet the needs of affordable and missing middle housing. Our goal is to create safe, eco-friendly, sustainable developments. Eventually incorporating natural products such as hemp or hempcrete and bamboo into our tiny home builds!


Our spaces are designed to make an impact by thoughtfully connecting people to place with healthy buildings that enrich the communities they serve.